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Bi-State Citizen Advisory Committee

The Bi-State Citizen Advisory Committee was planned to refine designs and advise on pre-construction planning in a coordinated, timely manner. The committee would have been composed of approximately 30 community members with 12-15 members selected from each state. Members would have been responsible for advising the CRC staff, representing stakeholder organizations, and communicating routinely with their constituencies. An opportunity for public comment was anticipated at each meeting. The full committee would have met about once or twice a year and would have reported to the CRC director.

Vancouver and Portland Working Committees

The bi-state committee would have had two working committees. Vancouver and Portland subcommittees, each composed of the bi-state committee members from each state, would have met 10-12 times per year. They would have provided input on local, on-the-ground improvements, served as a conduit to neighborhoods and stakeholder interest groups, and supported community outreach efforts. Work topics could have included:

  • Preliminary engineering design refinements
    • Transit
    • Interchanges
    • Local street, bike and pedestrian improvements
    • Freight movement
  • Safety and security planning
  • Landscaping
  • Corridor aesthetics
  • Construction planning and work zones
  • Outreach and communication tools

The project was seeking representation from the following:

  • Neighborhoods adjacent to project construction
  • Demographic groups within the project area (income, minority, etc)
  • Freight community
  • Pedestrian/bike interests
  • Urban planning/design
  • Transit dependent populations from Vancouver and Hayden Island
  • Small/local/minority owned businesses
  • Environmental advocates
  • Large employers/commute trip reduction manager
  • Persons with disabilities
  • Minority contracting community

Member selection and term limits

CRC was seeking diverse membership that represented stakeholder interests in the CRC project area. Members would have served for a one or two year term.