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Website content reflects the status of the project at the time of closure in May 2014.

  • Columbia River Crossing


    Columbia River Crossing (CRC) was a proposed long-term comprehensive solution to problems on Interstate 5 near the Columbia River. CRC would have provided new travel options and an improved highway to support jobs, the regional economy and future growth.

    Contruction jobs, free-flowing auto movement, Light Rail transit, bicyclists on path
  • CRC benefits


    The CRC project would have significantly improved conditions in the five-mile segment of I-5 between SR 500 in Vancouver and Victory Boulevard in North Portland with designs for bridge, highway, transit and bicycle and pedestrian improvements.

    Four icons depicting replacement bridge, improved highway interchanges, Light Rail, bicycle and pedestrian as well as an illustrated project area map
  • Replacement I-5 bridge


    A new I-5 bridge over the Columbia River would have helped to relieve congestion and improve driver safety, been high enough to eliminate bridge lifts and provided protection in the event of an earthquake. More about bridge design ...

    Bridge icon with a rendering of the replacement I-5 bridge
  • Improvements to closely-spaced highway interchanges


    CRC would have improved or replaced five highway interchanges that are too closely-spaced, created safer merging conditions and reduced highway congestion. More about highway design ...

    Highway icon with an aerial view of Marine Drive and Hayden Island interchanges
  • Expanded transit options


    CRC would have extended light rail 2.9 miles from the current terminus of the MAX Yellow Line to downtown Vancouver. Light rail would have provided a dedicated, non-highway travel alternative for commuters and connect Vancouver to 52 miles of existing light rail network. More about light rail extension ...

    Light Rail icon with a rendering of side running light rail alignment in downtown Vancouver
  • Improved pedestrian and bicycle connections


    CRC will include a safe and wide path across the Columbia River that is 16 to 20 feet wide. The covered pathway will be separated from highway traffic and provide views of the Columbia River and Mt. Hood. Sidewalks, bike lanes and multi-use paths will be added or improved in North Portland, on Hayden Island and in Vancouver and provide better connections to transit stations and regional trails. More about pedestrian and bicycle improvements ...

    Bicycle icon with a rendering of the multi use path under the replacement I-5 bridge