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Record of Decision

CRC federal oversight agencies, the Federal Highway Administration and Federal Transit Administration, selected an alternative for the project and signed a record of decision on December 7, 2011. The record of decision identifies a replacement bridge with light rail as the alternative that best improves safety, travel reliability, freight mobility, and bridge structural stability and relieves congestion on Interstate 5 between Portland and Vancouver. The record of decision also contains mitigation commitments for unavoidable impacts.

The record of decision is a significant milestone, which concludes the environmental planning phase under the National Environmental Policy Act. NEPA is a federal law requiring agencies that receive federal funding to consider the impacts to environmental, cultural and social resources from their proposed projects. This NEPA process involved comprehensive analysis with input received from more than 12,000 comments at over 1,000 public meetings.

The ROD is available online for viewing and download.

A printed copy of the Record of Decision was be available for viewing at these locations beginning December 12, 2011:

University of Portland (Wilson W. Clark Memorial Library)
Concordia University Library (George R. White Library and Learning Center)
Portland State University (Branford P. Millar Library)
Portland Community College (Cascade Campus Library)

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Record of Decision availability

The ROD is available online for viewing and download:

Record of Decision (246 KB)

ROD Technical Reports and Appendices